D110 belt comming off and shredded, suggestions/advice?
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Thread: D110 belt comming off and shredded, suggestions/advice?

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    D110 belt comming off and shredded, suggestions/advice?

    The belt was coming off once in a while when I would disengage the blades. I also noticed that the belt was shredding up and see that the plastic covers for the pulleys have holes and deterioration from the belt rubbing against the entrance and exit of both covers.
    Now the belt snapped due to this rubbing issue. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and help!

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    Have you checked to see if the spindles and pulleys rotate smoothly and easily? Alignment is also very critical for belt life. If your deck is hanging all out of whack, that’ll cause big misalignment and will drastically shorten your belt life. The deck should be level side to side and about 1/4” low in the front measured from the blades themselves. You should also inspect your clutch under the engine for any obvious defects like looseness, misalignment, damage, or bent sheave.

    If all that checks out and it still eats belts, post some pics and tell us what you did.
    - Jason

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    That's a manual PTO system, so the shields are not only there to keep you from stepping on the moving belt, they are also belt guides to keep it from falling off of the sheaves when you turn the deck off, be cause the belt has to be loose enough to fall off or it won't stop driving the blades. Check for debris in and around the shields. Also check the brake arms very well, we've been seeing these arms rusting up and not getting full range of motion to include not getting tight enough because it did not let the spring pull it tight enough. It could also stick the other way, not letting the deck stop fast enough and causing excess belt wear on the guides as its slowing down. The brake springs should stop the deck rather quickly so the belt isn't rubbing anything as it slows down. I think the D-110 has the newer upgraded shield with the belt guide pin molded in, but if not they're pretty cheap.
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    Just did my neighbors D110 deck belt.He got a new one and you have to be sure the belt is inside the guides.There is also an adjustment on the deck for the belt tension.Where the cable loops around to the bracket on the deck that mount has slots to adjust the belt tension.

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