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Thread: Those of you with the X739, come on in!!! I have a measurement I need

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    Quote Originally Posted by nastorino View Post
    That would piss me off. 1" of twist in the frame is acceptable?! It's not even 6' in length...I'd hate to see what their house looks like.
    The frame itself behind the front axle wasn't twisted, according to JD something happened during the manufacturing process to cause the front section to be welded on out of alignment. The front hitch and blade were new so all the pins/bolts were tight with no slop which was the first thing they checked.

    I was impressed with their commitment to get it right, it probably cost a small fortune to change out that frame!
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    Quote Originally Posted by drs455aws View Post
    I was wondering too. I've had front blades on three different JD's over the years and none of them were perfect. When you lift them up off the floor and grab one end your going to get some movement even on a brand new one in my experience. They just don't make them that tight. If I was real ambitious Id hang mine on tractor tomorrow and do some measuring for you. You got me wondering how close mine is to being level.
    Getting crazy in this heat or my age or maybe both. When out this morning and took some measurements on mine. The frame where you had me measure holes is fairly level. The upper notches where quick hitch lays into are about 1/8" different off floor. If you lay level on hitch itself its out of level. At bottom edge of blade on each outer end its 1" different from one side to other. I measured the main blade, not the cutting edge. Had blade raised up off floor pointed straight forward. Might as well say its new. I only used it once on a light snow. It's a combination of tractor frame and hitch on mine. Not very good pics but you'll get the idea. The floor itself is a little off side to side (not much) so you have to account for that when looking at bubble on level. Oh, and you could get at least a 1/2" of play out at end of moldboard by pulling up and down on it. Guess thats why it sits flat on floor and works ok.
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