X590 LED tail light install
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Thread: X590 LED tail light install

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    X590 LED tail light install

    I finished the install of the LED tail lights on the X590 and it only cost me about $25 in parts and gadgets. I purchased the LED's from Amazon for $20. The radio frequency controlled switch I found on eBay for $5. That switch is the same on that others on this forum and other forums used in the kit they received from the guy that apparently isn't selling them any longer.

    These are the LED's, I purchased the warm white and they are plenty bright.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the controller that is wired inline with the power source and the controller that allows you to adjust brightness, change to various flashing modes and adjusting the speed of those flashing modes.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here's a video of the end result

    It's a simple can do by anyone mod. All wire connections were either soldered together and covered with a piece of heat shrink tubing or I used electrical wire taps. I cut the back out of the reflectors with a dremel tool. I took the LED light which is about 3 inches long and layed it inside against the reflector. I used a little hot glue to tack it in place. I then covered the back of the reflector with water proof tape. Soldered long lengths of wire to each LED light.

    Then I passed the 20 gauge wire through the large hole and snapped the reflectors back in place. Ran the light wires, in plastic conduit over the gas tank and through over the frame to the engine compartment. I used two pieces of 3M water proof tape to tack the wire loom on under the rear body of the tractor as I passed them over the gas tank. That's good tape and it will stay in place without budging.

    I tapped the yellow and black headlight wires with another piece of wire, I used 14 gauge wire here and placed a small in-line fuse holder on the hot wire. Just in case there were a surge from the headlight it will blow the 5 amp fuse easily and keep from burning out the RF switch module. Then I connected the switch/RF control receiver to the those wires coming from the headlight.

    The LED light wires were soldered together with a piece of pigtail wire as well to give me just two wire from the LED lights. Those wires were soldered to the other end of the RF module. I bought another back up RF module in case this one burns up, electronics and all you know.
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