Adding a 3-4 hydraulic spool on my 425
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Thread: Adding a 3-4 hydraulic spool on my 425

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    Adding a 3-4 hydraulic spool on my 425

    Good morning all. After my last post. I am finally going to get a 3PH!! With that being said. I would like to make the 3PH independent from the loader on the front. Kinda like the setup on an older 400,420,430. They had the right idea having a 3rd hydro spool. I am wondering if anyone has ever added another 3rd-4th hydro spool that has its own controls. I am thinking of getting another 4x5 hydro block somewhere and just T the lines off the transaxle. Then take the rockshaft cylinder and another rear set of hydraulic couplers. I would then plug where the rockshaft is plumbed to now. The 4 spool would be for a tilt shaft or hydro dump on the #15cart or or or. Any help or thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Love pics of your custom builds as well. Reason for doing this because I only use this 425 with the loader. And I don’t really like the idea of a shutoff to the rock shaft. I would like to be able to use the 3PH like a regular tractor. Guess that’s just me being hard headed!! I have another 425 AWS 60” to mow with. Overkill for a 1 acre lot!! Just I would be enough for 4-5 acres! Thanks Matt
    93-425–54" deck, #40 FEL with LED lights, 94-425AWS--60”deck, MC519 MCS with power flow and dethather, 54" blade custom LED light bar and removeable home made squeegee kit and wings, #15 cart, 15gal tow behind sprayer. Stihl 039 24" bar, MS310 20" bar, 026 16” bar, JD 40V 16" bar, Stihl BG55 X 2, FS55, FS85 Pro, MM55 tiller, TroyBuilt SuperBronco, BlueBird easyscape vertacutter. And it keeps growing!!!!

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    I believe a member here is up to h5 on an x7xx.

    X748SE maybe...

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