Replacing a hood isolator on a GX325
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Thread: Replacing a hood isolator on a GX325

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    Replacing a hood isolator on a GX325

    I need to replace the foam hood isolator on a 2003 GX325 and I am having trouble removing the old foam that is closet to the backing tape. There is a thin layer of old foam that is still attached to the bonding tape. I have been told that the tape that holds these isolators on is very sticky and bonds very well. I have tried using a razor blade to remove the thin layer of the old isolator without success. I want the new isolator to bond well but I am not sure if I can just install it over the old tape and reminents of the remaining foam. I am quite aware of how flimsey these hoods are and I do not want to crack the hood. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I am also curious as to the purpose of these hood isolators. My guess is that they cut down on the engine noise.
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    I'd try denatured alcohol. It won't hurt the plastic. I can't guarantee it will work on the adhesive but I've had really good luck with it.

    Whatever you do, don't use acetone on as it will damage the hood.
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    I would try some goo gone.
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    Isopropyl Alcohol 91% and/or hair dryer. I have used the alcohol to get rid of sap on my car with no ill effects.
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    I bought this item from Amazon couple years ago to remove vinyl pin striping on cars, and it really works. However, it is expensive.

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    I like the Goo Gone for stuff like that also... You could try multiple apps of WD-40, it is a pretty good de-stickier. Don't get it near duct tape!

    The purpose of that foam is to gasket the hood to the engine cooling air intake. It assures that the cooling air comes in through the side vents in the hood and not the dustier air coming up around the engine.
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