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    Hydraulic Questions

    What year did John Deere stop putting the hydraulic remotes on their garden tractors? What were the last model #s that you could attach loaders, blades etc using these remotes? Thanks

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    They still have hydraulics on the X7 series of tractors. JD just stopped offering FEL's on their X7's a few years ago. I believe the X740/X748 may have been the last models. You can still get an after market FEL for the new X7's. JD is pushing folks who want an FEL to go to the 1 series. I can see the need for both sizes to be honest JD saw otherwise.
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    2012 was last year you could get the 45 loader option on ther x7's. The main reason was weight meaning Gov rules started to kick in making tractors that weigh x amount had to get rops. Jd didnnt want this as they had the 1 series and pushed them for people who wanted loaders.
    They evan cut weight on the x758 and it's got metal fender vs plastic on x748. As said x7s still have 2 hy outlets.
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