STX38 Repair Project
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Thread: STX38 Repair Project

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    STX38 Repair Project

    I bought a STX38 that needed some work and I have a question. This is my first project so there is a lot that I’m unfamiliar with. I took some pictures and was hoping someone could explain. The mower isn’t cranking. When I take the cable that connects to the battery and place it to the wire that leads to the starter, it starts to turn over but not crank. Also in the yellow circle, this looks broken apart.

    In the purple circle, this is grouped with the wires that lead to the ignition, does this need to be connected to anything?

    Thank you in advance.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FD1C4E89-50FB-4825-94F2-1BD2DA1BAB36_1552873320679.jpeg   682BC5FE-FA9C-41C9-A686-89E20613226C_1552873616576.jpeg   F65A4FBF-2A1F-47CB-9CD8-068E16561FBD_1552874030564.jpeg  

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