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Thread: Select series naming convention

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    Select series naming convention

    Ok, if this has been answered before, I apologize up front. I have an x300. When I bought it, I thought I understood how the series gets it's numerical designation. the bigger the number, the higher the horsepower, larger decks, etc. If the last digit was a 4, it meant that the tractor had 4-wheel steering.

    Well, that's been a while ago, and now there are all kinds of model numbers in the 3, 5, and 7 series. For example, what's the difference between and x740 and an x738 or x739? Why was the x300 discontinued? Looks like the 350 is the equivalent model? I'm just wondering how these models got their names. I think the 4 still indicates 4-wheel steering, but I'm not sure about any of the others. Thoughts?

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    I thought the x5xx and x7xx were released the same year as the x3xx. Deere did a redesign last year and the new models got new numbers. The xxx4 and xxx8 numbers have were for the prior models, it’s slightly different with the new lineup.

    As for higher numbers having more hp, thats never been strictly true.

    The x350 is the replacement model for the x300.

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    Figuring out John Deere model numbers is somewhat similar to what Michael Corleone said in Godfather 3 (worst Godfather movie by far, btw)

    "Just when you thought you had it figured out, they pull you back in"........

    The x740 was the first diesel in the x7 series, the X7xx series with the "9" at the end were all wheel drive, All wheel steering and usually "Special edition" with a few extra goodies like Luxury seat, front fenders. special badging, that sort of detail.

    It used to be the series were just with the numerical series, then when they went to the X series, the x4 were first, then the x595, etc. An X595 is a diesel powered, all wheel drive monster of a Garden Tractor. Its the size of a modern x758 or possibly even slightly larger. Actually, if you ever get a chance to buy an x595, take it......the next machine which was equipped the same as the x595 was the x748.

    For example, when you do a search in John Deere parts for a 455, I think there are at least 7 or 8 different items Deere has made from the Lawn and Garden tractor, to a manure spreader and several other machines. So once you input the 455, then you pick which item from the list of the Baler, the manure spreader, the harvester, the lawn tractor, etc.

    Go here and check this out for a snapshot at the variation in the numbering and the years when used. It a good place to start.......and the list on that page is just lawn and garden tractors......It shows you a lot of detail about what series follows which when you select a model and look at the detail. Its a very handy reference for machines you aren't familiar with. - John Deere lawn tractors

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    I can only speak to the x7-series but I can clarify the models within that:

    The x7 started out as the 'Ultimate' series in 2006, which was an evolution of the then x400 and x500 models. The number at the end of the model signifies: 0 for 2WD, 4 for all-wheel-steer, 8 for 4WD, 9 for all-wheel-steer & 4WD. The second number related to the engine. I believe the x700 was 2WD with a smaller gas engine, x72[0,4,8,9] had a larger gas engine, the x74[0,4,8,9] had a diesel engine.

    Deere revised the x7-series for 2013 and called it the 'Signature' series. Same stuff applies for the model designations as above with a couple exceptions: the 2nd number increased by one, so x700-->x710, x720-->x730, x740-->x750; there was no x759 (diesel, AWD, AWS) due to weight issues (would have required ROPS).

    I'm sure there are additional subtle differences but these are the main ones.

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