X580 Transaxle Question
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Thread: X580 Transaxle Question

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    X580 Transaxle Question

    I just got a 2017 X580 used with 6.6 hours. I was looking at the reservoir for the transaxle I couldnt make out there was any oil in it so I took off the cap and there was like a sponge in the opening , is that suppose to be there ? I dont have the owners manual yet the previous owner was given the wrong manual ( 300 series ) so he had to order one and is going to be mail to me. So with that said I think the trans axle is low can some tell me what oil I need to get from the dealer. I have not used it yet I want to get this squared away first. Thanks V

    My bad, I found a manual online so that helps.
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    The foam is supposed to be there. It acts like a filter to keep dirt out of the filler hole. The fluid typically used in these transaxles is John Deere Low Viscosity Hy-Gard. The manual states it is okay to use regular Hy-Gard if your climate warrants it. There is a chart in the manual showing the ambient temperatures for each fluid type.

    Be very careful not to over fill the reservoir. It only takes a few ounces to go from ADD to FULL. Let the tractor sit over night before checking the fluid level and make sure it's sitting on a level surface.

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    My X570 has a leak in the reservoir and dropped the fluid on the trans axle. I took it to the dealer to be fixed under warranty. So maybe keep an eye on it in case there is an issue with it.

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