Reconnecting the steering bar to the wheels
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Thread: Reconnecting the steering bar to the wheels

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    Reconnecting the steering bar to the wheels

    I have a LX 255 old mower. The steering arm that connects the front left and right wheels is connected with a steel round bar. Under the end of the bar are dimples which should connect to the whell's acorn fitting. One one side it slipped off and I cannot determine the best way to force fit the bar onto the acorn fitting. Nothing seems to work. Nothings seems to be broken either.

    Images attached to show bar and connection point.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails top view of right wheel.jpg   close up of connect point.jpg   Side view of bar and connect part.jpg  

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    Do you have something like a small C-clamp or similar that you can crank down to squeeze the two back together? I would put a little bit of grease on both parts as well prior to reattaching.
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    The permanent fix will be to install a new "Tie Rod Assembly" AM133802 (double check pt. no. at the dealer). If you need to put the ball joint back together to be able to move the machine to your work area, a C-clamp just might force it back on. Consider that temporary though. The last thing you want is for it to pop off again as you are whizzing along mowing, on a hillside, or---well you get the picture. It will come off again. Should be about $61 at Deere.

    The drag link, from steering gear to spindle does have replaceable ball joints when you have trouble there. About $31 each at Deere, but you might find aftermarket substitutes for less. They appear to be the same and are RH metric threads.

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    Lube it up and smack it with a hammer. It's done for anyway.

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