MulchControl kit dilemma
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Thread: MulchControl kit dilemma

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    I currently own an la115 and prefer to mulch, but have never been happy with the performance. Clumping being the biggest issue. I also like to bag in the fall and spring but swapping out the mulch kit is a nightmare. I'm not always able to mow at the ideal times.

    I'm in the market for an x350 and am apprehensive about the mulch on demand kit. How is the mulching performance? How well does the side discharging work with the kit and mulching blades installed?

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    In my opinion, mulch on demand is an in-between solution. It won't be exceptional at bagging or mulching, but would do an ok job at both. It just depends on how much of a perfectionist you are.

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    I have the electronic mulch kit on my x380. I love it.

    I mulch 85-90% of the time, do have mulching blades, but also use the side discharge and did get the powerflow.

    I make sure my chute is pointed away from my patio and driveway and open the mulcher door which helps keep it all clean, otherwise as you know the mulchers will shoot grass out while you're running the edge. The mulch door also stays closed for most of the rest of my yard.

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