JD 500 Lift Lever Won't Unlock
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Thread: JD 500 Lift Lever Won't Unlock

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    Question JD 500 Lift Lever Won't Unlock

    Was doing maintenance on JD 500 today. Took the deck off to change mower blades. When I put deck back on I couldn't unlock the Mower Lift Lever or manually move the pedal. I have done the deck removal thing several times on this mower and many times on my older JD years ago. I am baffled how to fix this. Would appreciate any ideas. I did lower the spring tension to no avail. And the height adjustment is set all the way down for the deck removal and now I can't rotate the knob to a higher number.

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    Are you lifting up all the way on the deck lock lever and then pushing the foot pedal forwards to get it out of the locked position?
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