My thoughts on my x590 going on the fourth summer
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Thread: My thoughts on my x590 going on the fourth summer

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    My thoughts on my x590 going on the fourth summer

    I have a 2016 x590 that I bought new in the spring of 16. 54 inch deck, MCS, power sleeve hitch, power shovel.
    Overall it fits my needs. I have 6 acers, 1.5 hilly to mow and the rest forest. I would buy it again.
    Things I like: EFI and power steering, I wouldn't give either one up.
    Power shovel-works good for loose dirt, mulch and even processed gravel. Pretty easy to install and remove. Occasionally blows a fuse lifting something too heavy, I keep a zip-lock bag full. I have moved a tri-axel dump truck of processed gravel with it to smooth out my trail in the woods and maybe 15 yards of top soil other the 3 years. I would buy it again, it's definitely not a loader, but it serves my needs.
    MCS- would not buy again. I would buy a cyclone rake instead. MCS hard to mount/dismount, can't pull a cart with it installed, can't have my power sleeve hitch installed with it on. You have to adjust/level the deck when you mount/dis-mount it. Doesn't fit like a factory option, the discharge chute is butchered to install. If I only mowed, then it would be ok. I only use it in the spring and fall because the Gator blades do a good job throughout the summer..
    Power hitch-Yes would buy again. I have only used a landscape rake with it but it's worth it to me. There was a problem when first installed by the dealer, it would cause friction on the mower lift arms and they wouldn't fully lower after the deck touched down and I had to pry them down to disconnect the deck. I took the seat/fenders, running boards off and lubricated the flat bar steel pieces and it works like a champ.
    Locking diff-small detail but I use it a lot coming out of the woods with a cart of firewood, I have a steep hill to climb.
    I could see stepping up to the 700 series for the quick connect deck but I don't need a 3 point and it still doesn't have a loader option. If I did a lot of ground engaging work then the 700 series would be a better choice.

    Just my thoughts.
    Oh, and the wife pulls a cart around with it so EFI and PS aren't really a choice. lol
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    It’s nice to be happy with your machine and setup after a few years.
    It is what it is
    Knowledge is power, ignorance is bliss
    2520 w/200CX w/62D2

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    Have to second your thoughts Nuke, bought my X590 in August of 2015, my only regret is I got the X590 a few months before they switched to new deck so I have Edge extra 48 inch deck. Tractor has been flawless for me. Love the EFI engine, I thought long and hard on the 590 since I bought in transition year I had my choice of new X540 and X590 – both were considerably quieter than the X530. Living in Snowbelt in great northeast I went with 47 inch blower. The 47 inch blower has been fantastic, I’ve cleared 24+ inch snow storms, with 40 inch piles of hard pack snow/ice left at end of my driveway by town plow truck. The one thing I’ll touch on that nuke didn’t mention, the constant speed governor, works as advertised, it’s almost impossible to “bog” down that 25.5 hp efi engine. Guy down the street from me has a 345 with blower and in heavy storms; he is constantly bogging his tractor down. Not an issue with EFi engine and Constant speed governor

    Overall On these forums seen many many 590’s bought over last 4 years and remarkably small amounts of problems- the efi engine and Constant speed governor are for most part a smash hit- if you do heavy “work” with tractor that tasks the engine ( till soil or heavy snow amounts) hard to beat the combination of that EFI engine and constant speed governor in a medium duty garden tractor
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    John Deere X590- 47 inch Snow blower

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    Thanks for the write up. I haven't had my 590 as long as others but love it. It's been a real blessing around the homestead for sure.

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