JD X320 Fuel Problem
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Thread: JD X320 Fuel Problem

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    JD X320 Fuel Problem

    My JD X320 runs for a couple of hours then dies. If I apply choke the engine runs for a second then dies again. I pulled the fuel filter on the tank side and noticed a vacuum was present on the fuel line. I took my air compressor and applied pressure to the fuel line thinking there was some kind of occlusion. Started the mower and finished mowing the yard with no problems. Engine ran fine. My wife had the same thing happen to her, so I applied air pressure to the fuel line again and mower ran fine.
    I saw on a previous post that someone removed the fuel tank and cleaned it to eliminate a similar problem. I guess that’s my next step. Does anyone have any information on removing the fuel tank on a JD X320?

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    Have you tried cleaning the fuel cap vent? From what you explain - fuel tank creating a vacuum - is a clogged vent.

    Quick test - run the tractor with the fuel cap loose and see if it still does it. If not you know that the issue is the vent. Clean it or replace the cap.
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