JD 240 Drive Belt Routing Picture
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Thread: JD 240 Drive Belt Routing Picture

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    JD 240 Drive Belt Routing Picture

    I need to put on a new drive on my 240. The current one broke. I can"t seem to find a picture of the belt routing. Does anyone have a picture of source I could reference. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    Does your 240 have the 38", 46" or 48" mower deck?

    Doh! Scratch that. I misread and was thinking mower belt.

    The JDParts breakdown doesn't have a very good image for the drive belt. I'll see what else I can find.
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    This thread belongs in Lawn and garden tractors, not vintage garden tractors.
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    If you have x-ray vision (or can visualize), looking from above:

    Starting at the engine and going down the left (as if you are on the seat) the belt goes to the out side of the fixed idler that under the engine. V side to idler.
    Then the belt goes to the transaxle, around the transaxle pulley. V side to pulley on transaxle
    Now returning from the transaxle, right 1/2 of belt goe behind the first (rear most idler) you come to. Back (flat) side of the belt against idler.
    Next idler you come to the V side of the belt goes against this pulley, then to engine pulley. V side around the engine pulley and you are back to where you started.

    These last two idlers have a spring that pulls rearward to tension the belt.
    Plus retainer (one piece) to keep belt on the idlers.

    I know a picture would be better, but my JD 285 (same belt routing) was stolen in 2017

    This from memory , so If that fails, try going from the fixed idler to the next pair of idlers, then the transaxle, but my first thought is as posted above.
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