X320 Carb Issue
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    X320 Carb Issue


    Was hoping for a little help. I am not mechanically sound, but I figured I would give this a try.

    Been having a problem with my X320. My tractor ran out of gas last week. When I put fresh gas in, it wouldn't always start. Then when it would go, it seemed bogged down. When you engage the mower blades, it died. I can use the blades on low throttle. My neighbor had borrowed the mower the previous week and said he filled it up. I was thinking maybe his gas had water in it. I use Ethanol shield in my gas. His gas isn't treated.

    So I am figuring it's the carb. Just to be sure I changed the fuel filter and fuel pump. Still the same thing.

    I looked at a few You Tube videos and took off the air filter. Then the bolts to the carb. I believe I have the Kawasaki Engine FH661V because the bowl is attached with two screws on the bottom. I can't get to the screws, I don't have a small screwdriver necessary for that. Shot some gum out into the lines and the carb but still the same thing.

    So I am guessing I need to take the bowl off and clean it. Here is the dilemma.

    I can't slide the carb off because the choke and throttle linkage is attached and I can't figure out how to take them off. They seem fragile and I don't want to break it.

    Can someone please explain how to take the linkage off, and any other advice they have. Reading other posts I think I was doing the things properly but please tell me if I am going wrong somewhere.


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    Have you checked the plugs by any chance?

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    If it were me, I’d try to find a small screwdriver, or a 1/4” ratchet with a Phillips bit, or something else that can reach in to just remove the float bowl. I’m guessing you have water and junk in the bowl, especially if your neighbor used old gas from an old can, or who knows what to fill it. If you avoid removing the carb you can potentially avoid a torn gasket, removing the fuel line and linkage, etc.

    If you do get the bowl off, just be careful not to bend / damage the floats inside, they are fragile.
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