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Cannot adjust seat or steering, x750

Thread: Cannot adjust seat or steering, x750

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  1. DaubsNU1's Avatar

    DaubsNU1 said:

    Cannot adjust seat or steering, x750

    Purchased used last summer. I've never been able to adjust the seat back. Looked closer tonight and still can't figure it out. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Steering tilt won't adjust either....

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  2. bloodrunsgreen's Avatar

    bloodrunsgreen said:
    Section: Adjusting Seat (Standard)

    For seat back:

    Move handle upward to release lock, move seat back to desired tilt.

    See: OMM169420

    Section: Adjusting Tilt Steering Wheel

    For steering wheel:

    Pull handle up, push the wheel away or pull the wheel toward your for most comfortable feel for you.

    See: OMM169420
  3. Yank's Avatar

    Yank said:
    The seat doesn’t recline much. Looks like it might be reclined already. Will the back of the seat move any direction?

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  4. DaubsNU1's Avatar

    DaubsNU1 said:
    Yep, tried per the owners manual. Neither will move at all.

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    2015 John Deere x750, 60" HC Deck
    1979 Lawn-Boy 7268 ("Frank")
    2007 Lawn-Boy 10797 ("Sally")
  5. sennister's Avatar

    sennister said:
    My tilt steering locks up all the time as well. There isn't enough clearance so all it takes is a little dust from mowing and you won't be able to move it anymore. I have taken the dash apart and cleaned it so it works again but until I stopped mowing with the machine, it would just get stuck again. It has been working fine for me the last few years but it doesn't see the dust anymore.

    I can't help with the seat as mine is just adjustable forward back.

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  6. bloodrunsgreen's Avatar

    bloodrunsgreen said:
    Time first try a dry lubricant on the mechanisms, if that don't do then try a wet lube like PB Blaster. Trying to get deep in the mechanisms.