Belt drive deck vs shaft drive deck
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Thread: Belt drive deck vs shaft drive deck

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    Belt drive deck vs shaft drive deck

    A friend of mine is looking at the Deere X320 and the Cub Cadet 2000. The cub sales guy is saying that his deck that is shaft driven does not have the hp loss of a belt drive deck?

    What he does not say is that his shaft is driven by a belt. But here nor there. Does a belt drive unit take up more hp than a shaft drive unit.

    My old 445 was shaft driven but my new Z920 is all belts.



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    I wouldn't think there would be enough of a loss to even notice.
    The one thing that would steer me away from a shaft setup is the gears,and I'm assuming this.
    My old Speedex had a shaft system,and I was constantly replacing the gears. They are not forgiving
    like a belt system if you hit something solid like a tree root.

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    I agree. Since the belts are usually driven off the end of the crank, the losses are minimal. Fine for a riding lawn mower. Plus, they are a simple set up, been around for ages, usually with little to no issues.

    But once you go bigger, belts cannot even compete with a shaft, but that comes at an extra cost.


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    I would think any "properly" engineered belt drive would be comparable. I also think this "gear drive/gear box" thing is mostly marketing hype, and demanded because it is perceived to be better by those buying, and also engineering complexities that cannot be overcome by a plain direct drive belt set up.

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    farm machinery such as combines are either chain or belt driven, same as balers. im sure there is a reason they have belts instead of shafts of other than cost efficency, weather it be for it to act as a "shear type thing" or it to have a little give on it
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    I know this is a older thread, But I just seen it. To answer your question about HP Well I can't but on the shaft being driven by a belt on the Cub Cadet, that is not true either. The cub GT2xxx use a horzontal crank Kolher engin that the drive shaft hooks to the rear of the engin, and a drive pully is mounted to the front for the mower drive belt to hook to. I was almost ready to buy a Cub before I got my 1026R, funny thing is now that I'm going back to a GT, I have not even looked at the Cubs.

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    Jeff is right. The subject Cub that Brian originally posted about does not have a shaft driven deck, but as Jeff says has a front pto that a belt hooks to and then has to be rerouted back to the deck. That design will probably will see some power loss since the convoluted way the belt is routed. That tractor does have a shaft driven transmission, but not a deck. My John Deere 445 has, not only a shaft driven transmission, but has a shaft driven deck (that uses a belt between the 3 blades). On most of the newer Cub Cadets the shaft drive is more of a marketing tool, as is the much marketed cast iron front axle. On some of the older John Deere lawn tractors that had the fabricated front axle, it was with a heavier steel and has never been an issue, while the cheaper made AYP and MTD products that had the fabricated front axle it was because of lighter steel.

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