Unsure on a new Z920
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Thread: Unsure on a new Z920

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    Unsure on a new Z920

    Can anyone help me out on their thoughts on this zero turn for florida use and if they have had any problems .This will be my first Deere as Ive had a Exmark 52 hydo for 14 years HELP

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    I own a 2011 Z920a and I am thrilled with it. Monday night I cut my lawn that was over 7"s tall, down to 3.5, and I did it at normal speed. The cut was perfect and you would have thought I only took a little off. Since I have started using this machine, people have commented that my lawn looks so nice. I believe its the nice flat cut because I am not even fertilizing it this year.

    I was a bit nervous when I first got it since it is the bottom of the Z900's for power, but there has never been a time I would have wished for more power.

    A suspension seat would be nice, but other than that, I am more than thrilled.


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    agree, i used to work for the local dealership, so i get discounts on equipment, i have a z925A with a MOD deck i absolutly love it
    John Deere x320
    48" xtra cutting system
    44" front blade w/ angle kit

    John Deere 455
    60" commercial deck
    54" plow

    John Deere 4720
    400CX Loader
    Frontier Loader Mounted Snow Plow
    12.5 FT Frontier Hitch Mounted Finish Mower

    John Deere 332D Skidsteer

    Mowers Only: John Deere 1545, John Deere Z925A MOD

    Work Horses:625I Gator, Gator 855D
    With the gatorpal pressure washer, and Powertach snowblade, poly roof/ windshield

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