LX 172 Motor revving up and down at idle
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Thread: LX 172 Motor revving up and down at idle

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    LX 172 Motor revving up and down at idle

    Hi guys,
    Since you were so helpful with the brake job I thought I would ask about my revving problem. At idle the motor revs up and down. When I engage the mower then it is fine, disengage then it starts again. I tried adjusting the air fuel mixture to no avail and put it back where it was to start. Any ideas or suggestions. The gas is only 2 weeks old and I put some Lucas fuel treatment in the tank a month ago, just a little bit to clean up the carb.

    Thanks again in advance.


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    Sounds like the carb is sucking air-it may be time for a rebuild kit. They are cheap and easy to do.

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    Could be sucking air. Could, also, be a weak or mis-adjusted governor spring. Try moving the spring to the next hole in the linkage (away from the pivot point). Could be a worn air/fuel mix needle. Remove the needle and look for a ring worn around the cone of the needle. Keep us posted.

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