WTK: 116 worth $750?
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Thread: WTK: 116 worth $750?

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    WTK: 116 worth $750?


    I'm looking at a 116 with a trailer, bagger, blade and weights
    it seems to run good , the seat needs to be replaced paint has seen better days and tires have some meat on them.
    Are they reliable?
    Are parts avaliable?
    I know with out picture its conjecture but im going to look at it tomorrow. Anything specific to look out for?

    I can do basic maintnence.

    Thank You,

    Pinkerton OUT!
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    Sorry I didn't see this until now. The 116 is actually not considered by this site to be "vintage" so I moved it to the regular L&G section.

    The 116 was made from 1982 to 1985 and was part of the 108, 111, and 112L line of lawn tractors. They were a good little mower, and you could get a snow blade and a snow blower for them. They came with either a 38 inch deck or a 46 inch deck. The 46 inch deck version had 20 inch rear tires while the 38 inch deck version had 18 inch rear tires. They had a 16 hp horizontal opposed twin Briggs and they came in either gear or hydrostatic drive version.

    In my opinion, that price is high for a 116, even with the stuff it comes with. The Briggs engine had a problem with leaking at the crank seal, but it's an easy fix. The transmissions were light duty lawn tractor version, but pretty durable. But being 30 years plus old now, they would be getting weak and worn out by now. Both transmissions and the engine is no longer in production, but parts are still available to a some degree, though some parts aren't.
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