Servicing JS26 Push Mower
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Thread: Servicing JS26 Push Mower

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    Servicing JS26 Push Mower

    Well after around 6 uses with my new lawn mower, the time has come to store it. I washed it all up yesterday and today I'm going to go buy some Amsoil SAE30 oil and do an oil change. In the service manual it tells you to remove the dipstick, and place the mower on its side to dump out the oil, this to me does not make sense. ON the bottom of the engine there what looks like a drain plug for the engine, would this not be the better way to empty? As well do I just top the fuel up over the winter or drain? It does have that gas drip stabilizer in the gas cap. Oh yeah buying a JD hoodie today,


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    Dumping it from the top does not seem like a great idea! I can see that some might think its a tool-less way of doing it, but? I would remove the bolt on the bottom and see if oil drains. I would assume it would and I cannot see an engine manufacturrer not putting an oil drain on the motor.

    Got any pictures?


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    GoGreen speaks the truth.

    I have a Toro self-propelled of 5 years of age and it's manual clearly states to tip it on its side and drain from the fill hole. There is a drain on the bottom but due to the design of the deck and engine mounting, it cannot be utilized. And this is how I change it's oil. And I don't like it.
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    use the bolt on the bottom, it should use a 3/8" wrench to remove it, that is how we do it at the dealership
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