Blade drive belt keeps slipping off
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Thread: Blade drive belt keeps slipping off

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    Blade drive belt keeps slipping off

    G'day all

    You folks were helpful with my last problem, so I will try again with another.

    The drive belt (which drives the blades) on my John Deere LA110 mower keeps slipping off one of the little pulleys.

    I have bought new belts (on my third one in 4 years). That seems to work for a while (about 15-20 hours running) then it starts slipping off again.

    Eventually it gets to the stage where the mower is un-usable (the belts slips off every few minutes) so I go and buy a new one and it all starts again.

    I have tried tightening the belt, and loosening it (there is a small amount of adjustment available), but that doesn't seem to help. The belts get pretty chewed up after a while, which I guess makes them more likely to slip off.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences? I am considering trying to bend the lug on the pulley which is supposed to stop the belt slipping off (to make the gap smaller) but am nervous I might do more harm than good.



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    Well, let's narrow things down a bit. Attached is two possible belts, both have spring loaded tensioners. The problem you are discribing is the result of a couple possible things. First, how old is your machine and how many hours are on the clock. Now, generally speaking a belt is thown for one main reason, pulley miss alignment. Check your bearings with the belt removed to see if you have any worn out that would alow a pulley to sag. You may want to replace the tensioner spring, these get old and lose some force. Check the pulleys to make sure they run true and are not damaged. The point I am trying to make is something is either wore out or damaged. Let's start there. Take your time it may not be obvious right away.
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    Randy nailed it. I just wanted to add...while your doing this,lay a straight edge across the sheaves/pulleys to make sure they are all in the same plane.
    Last summer,my exmarks' deck was a little noisier than usual. It came on gradually and was so subtle,I missed it until it started throwing the belt. I checked all the spindles/bearings and found one that was a little rough feeling. The run out on it still felt good....but I cant put enough side load on it by hand as it see's when working.I changed the more thrown belt.
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