anybody have experience with the 45 loader
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Thread: anybody have experience with the 45 loader

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    anybody have experience with the 45 loader

    anybody have experience with the 45 loader? just looking to carry some mulch and little topsoil here n there, basically a diffrent option than the 17P cart I have,and cheaper than upgrading to the 1026R(I love that idea the wife not so much :/) does anybody know what the bucket capacity is? weight and yards?


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    Going off memory, I believe they are designed to pick up a max weight of 750-850 pounds. I had a buddy looking at one while he was looking at an X700 machine.

    Ballast is a big deal with this loader / tractor combo. The rear axle has a maximum weight rating that is different from the 4wd models and the 2wd models. What I am saying is that you need significant ballast to keep the weight away from your front axle, but you must also be careful not to overload the rear axle.


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