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    Scoop Bucket

    I made this scoop back in 2003 for my X475. It attatches to the same front quick hitch as the 54" snow plow. I have used it many times through the years to move dirt, mulch,rock, large pieces of tree trunk, and even dug shallow holes to bury brick/block and concrete. I installed a bracket on top of the qh so I could easily attatch the angle hyraulic cylinder to make the scoop angle down more for dumping. I put an adjustible tie rod in place of the angle cylinder. It didn't fully dump, but I learned how to work it so it would empty out good. I am wanting to sell it since I got a new fel for my 1026r. Anyone interested in it can email me or im me. It probly weighs around 50#. Thanks for lookin. KHOP [email protected]
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