2014 John Deere x738 Service Question
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Thread: 2014 John Deere x738 Service Question

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    Question 2014 John Deere x738 Service Question

    My 2014 x738 tractor is the first tractor I have ever owned. Before that, it has been push movers. I have had the tractor for 1 year and it now has 45 hours on it. I use it for both mowing and snow blowing. Up until this point, I have only had the 8 hour service performed. I am now getting ready to perform the 50 hour service on it before we get our first snow. While I was looking in the owners manual, Deere recommends customers perform services every 100 hours (or annually) and services and every 200 hours (or annually). I am not all that mechanically inclined so I would rather the dealer perform the work. However if I follow the operators manual to the letter, that means I have to perform the 50, 100 (or annual) and the 200 (or annual) hour service this time around which adds up to about $400!!! Do I really need to perform all of this on a tractor with 45 hours on it?

    Gus V.

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    Gus, short answer is, all you need to do at this time is the 50 hour and the annual service. Not all annual service over laps with the hour service intervals. Hope this answers your question.

    And welcome to GTT!
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    Motor oil & filter should be changed at 8 hours then every 100 hours after that. If your not putting on 100 or more hours a year do it annually. Low use builds up more contaminants in the oil so it needs to be changed more often.
    The transmission hydrolic oil & filter should be done at 50 hours then every 200 hours after that. Would recommend changing it every other year at least.
    The first service is just to remove any metal particles that may be floating around from parts breaking in.
    Engine coolant should be changed every 4-5 years regardless of hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by H-D dealer dude View Post
    Engine coolant should be changed every 4-5 years regardless of hours.
    This is the annual schedule according to the manual:
    Every 12 Months

    • Change engine oil and filter.
    • Check fan belt tension.
    • Check and clean battery.
    • Lubricate steering spindles, axle pivot, steering cylinder, and engine driveshaft.
    • Check the hydraulic full time 4-wheel drive (HFWD) oil level.
    • Check tire pressure.
    • Check and tighten clamps for cooling and air intake system.
    • Change fuel filter.
    • Change air cleaner elements.
    • Replace spark plugs.

    Every 24 Months

    • Change engine coolant.
    • Test or replace radiator cap. (See your John Deere Dealer for this service.)
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    If you can remove a oil and transaxle filter, two drain plugs no need to do these at the same time, pour the oil and hyd oil in transaxle . Your more than 1/2 way done. Get a grease gun , grease the 6-10 grease fittings , check the rest of the items on the list ,guessing 2-3 hs total . your done and a big savings for your wallet.

    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    Learn to do this yourself. It isn't complicated at all: Pull a plug, open a petcock, catch the fluids, pour in new fluids, replace spin-off filters, and grease a few zerks. Otherwise, open your wallet and deal with the inconveniences of transport and down time. Maybe you can pay a mechanic to walk you through it the first time, if you are afraid you'll do something wrong.

    The difference between those who can and those who can't is mostly a willingness to expend the effort to try. A lot of guys say "I can't do that", regardless of whether we are talking painting a room, fixing a faucet, or working on a tractor. What they are really saying is "I don't want to even try to do that". Then off to the gold course they go. That's OK, but you pay more every time you aren't willing to do more. In some ways it's a lifestyle choice.
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