Started something today that I won't finish for maybe 7 months
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Thread: Started something today that I won't finish for maybe 7 months

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    Started something today that I won't finish for maybe 7 months

    Took the LT155 lawn mower out of the barn, checked the oil, tires and filled it with gas wondering if this would be the year I would have trouble starting the 16 year old machine. The mower cranked right up and after such cooperation, I let it mow about 2 hours.

    The downside is now the yard will expect the same treatment almost weekly.
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    Since we literally had no winter and no spring so far here in Missouri, the grass here is starting to turn green and will expect the same treatment. I need to pull the snow blade off the 445 and service the 60" deck for it and pull the deck off the X320 and service it so I will be ready for the growing green.

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    Yes Wayne, I think we are all in that same boat. Some just a little sooner than others. Grass is just starting to turn green here.
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    As opposed to here where there is still 1 - 1 1/2 feet of snow on the lawn. More in the woods.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Wayne View Post
    yard will expect the same treatment almost weekly.
    You get off easy. Ours expects it at least weekly right through the fall and we don't fertilize or do anything just keeps growing and growing.

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    Good for you Uncle Wayne. (I guess )

    I've been "under the weather" for the last few months. Felt just good enough today to put the battery back in the new X320 and get it read for our mowing season that looks like is going to start a lot sooner than normal.

    Put the battery in, choked it, gave it about 1/4 throttle and it started right up on the first crank and purred like a kitten. Looks like at least I won't have to worry about the JD.

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