Considering at GT275 for my first Deere, or something different.
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Thread: Considering at GT275 for my first Deere, or something different.

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    Considering at GT275 for my first Deere, or something different.

    Straight to the point. I found 2 GT275s, both have the 17hp Kawasaki.

    Uses- moving to a new house with 1.25 acres slightly inclined and hilly, possibly tilling, seeding yard, moving fallen branches,

    $500 - 1997, needs tires soon, 48 deck, wouldn't jump start(but was told they would get it running), engine area very dirty, lots of dirt build up,

    $1,200 not sure on year,- tires are good, 38 deck, jumped right off and fired up sounded great, was told they just put $900 in work into it and took it in on trade for $300 that is why they have to sell for $1,200, looks WAY better than the other one, engine area fairly clean considering age

    I asked if the decks could be swapped out since it's the same tractor, he's looking into seeing if the manager will go for it. If so what would be an acceptable price increase for the 48 deck over the 38 on the nicer unit.

    The $1,200 is about as high as I want to go. Sales guy stated one of these would be better than a newer LA or D series. He also suggested I might want to wait until mid Feb when they start getting all the trade-ins in to have more options. I'm leaning towards just getting the $1,200 once I get moved into new house next week.

    So what do the experts have to say? Is there something I'm overlooking.

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    The GT275 was made from 1995 through the 1998 model years. They were considered a lawn and garden tractor, which meant they can handle ground engaging equipment like a single moldboard plow, disk, cultivator, box blade and/or rear blade, plus you could get a snow blade and a snow thrower for them. They were great machines. Decks available were a 38 inch deck, a 44 inch deck, and a 48 inch deck. If that 48 inch deck on the more "used" one was made for the GT275, then it will fit all GT275s.
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