problems with steering on L100
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Thread: problems with steering on L100

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    problems with steering on L100

    hello everyone i have an old John deere riding mower a L100 . I use it here to mow a few hours every month . I recently had problems with the steering on there i heard the steering wheel make sounds as i turned the wheel , and when i was turning the wheel it took more turning it for the wheels to turn. until finally the tires wouldnt turn at all. i looked under the mower . i saw a small sprocket about 2 inches long the center of the teeth looked rather worn out. so i took off the sprocket from another john deere mower i have L105 i could NOT get the sprocket to come off on the L100 i was able to remove the sprocket easily from the L105. i took off the large nut under the sprocket that looks about 3/4 " size . is there a small kotter pin holdeing it on ? i also saw that the teeth on this other part that makes contact with the sprocket needs replacement too its shaped like this D the teeth in the middle of that are worn out too.
    Parts on both riding mower seem interchangeable the motor on the L105 is bad it needs a camshaft replacement . i pulled the carburator from the L105 to use on the L100

    I have some tools to work with , large breaker bars with deep & shallow well sockets . large & small wrenches , smaller rachets . im not sure if that D shaped object has to come off for the sprocket to come off .

    I very much appreciate any help it really wears me out pushing a mower all day to mow around the house
    thanks again katie (babyangel)

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    Welcome to GTT Katie. I can only help with the diagram from JDParts. I hope this is of some help.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Steering.jpg 
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    I had to replace the steering pinion gear on my L120 due to similar steering issues. The gear is held in place by the nut and no other fastener. You do not have to remove the steering sector gear (D). The steering pinion gear fits tight to the steering shaft so you'll have to be patient as you work the gear off by prying at different spots around the perimeter. Penetrating lubricant might help but I didn't use any.

    I didn't have to replace my steering sector gear but have replaced my drag links with the adjustable type which attach to the steering sector gear. Replacement of that gear looks pretty straightforward but again, be patient. The drag link ends can be a little difficult to remove. Trust me, it can be done without having to remove a bunch of extra parts.

    While you're under there working be sure to inspect your cast iron front axle. These are common failure items and if it breaks, like mine did, the front end hits the ground.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Steering Pinion Gear.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Front Axle.jpg 
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