Thinking of buying a X728...
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    Thinking of buying a X728...

    I'm thinking of buying a 2006 X728 with a 45 FEL and has approximately 200 hours on it. Anything in particular I should look out for or be aware of?
    2010 JD 2305
    -200CX Loader
    -54" snow blade
    -King Cutter 60" landscape rake
    -62C MMM

    2009 JD LA105 Tractor
    -6.5 Bushel Bagger

    2010 JD 1028E Snow blower

    Huskee 28 Ton Log Splitter
    Agri-Fab 12 cu. ft. dump cart
    Agri-Fab 40" Spike Aerator
    York Rake TA14B
    Husqvarna 455 Rancher

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    Nice find with low hours. If I was looking at it, I would look at how much the loader was used and if he has proper rear ballast to help keep teh weight off the front axle. I would look at the front tires for odd wear and then look at all the front end components including the steering and axle for wear or cracks. I would hope it have very little bucket use.

    Does it also have a MMM?


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    Just purchased a x720 and it is the best tractor I have ever driven. They are built like a tank and very well engineered. If it has been serviced on a regular bases, I think will will be pleased. I wish that I could get a fel but I might justify a johnny bucket sr next year. By the way, I grew up in Hudson Falls and work for a while at Schenectady. 4x drive will be great in your neck of the woods.

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