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    X320 Hour Meter

    Well, I bought my first John Deere yesterday from my brother in law-a 2006 X320. He isn't the sharpest pencil in the pack and he left the key on for a few weeks so the hour meter now reads 998.8 hours on it. Is there any way I can turn the meter back to about 50, which the mower has. It has sat in a shed for 4 years and not even run at all. Thanks in advance!! Rick

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    Just do what your brother in law did. Leave the key on till the hour meter flips around back to about 50 hour mark.
    Just a shot in the dark some body on the forum may have a better idea.


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    You can't turn them back, but you can buy a new one and run it up to 50 hours by powering it.

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    Thumbs up Welcome to GTT!

    A new hour meter is cheap. Kenny's advice is spot on. I would power it up not installed on the tractor cause I don't know what else would be on. A battery charger and some wire will accomplish this task easily.
    - Jason

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