Reconditioning a Tuff Torq K70A Hyrdo. Transmission
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Thread: Reconditioning a Tuff Torq K70A Hyrdo. Transmission

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    Reconditioning a Tuff Torq K70A Hyrdo. Transmission

    I bought a very clean Tuff Torq K70A transmission with 400 hours on it. I'm reconditioning it to replace the K70A that is on my 1999 JD 345 that has been showing some wear...whining when the lawn tractor is used. The factory install K70A has 897 hours....I know I bought it new in May 1999. The one I bought is very clean inside and shows no wear or any metal shaving that I can find. I've removed all the internal parts and inspected them and checked for wear. I don't find any bearings, gears, or pumps need replacing.

    The transmission came with the four metal brackets that bolt to the tractor frame...The rear ones.. Part #M122612 that bolt to the axle on the transmission has (had) some corrosion paste that the factory applied between the transmission( aluminum material and the two steel brackets) that you well know don't like each other and if not a corrosion material applied the aluminum transmission will deteriorate where two metals meet. There is no mention of any corrosion paste to be used according to the John Deere service manual.

    So, if any members here have removed and repair their JD transmission, what brand of corrosion preventive stuff did you use?
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    Anti size will work. Just slather the parts where they touch. That stuff gets everywhere so be careful. Don't matter if you use the Silver or gold type.
    The stuff also works wonders when you have aluminum wheels on steel hubs. Just like on a car/truck. Also between the rear wheel/hub of the tractor.
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