Tricycler kit Mimic a Rear Discharge?
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Thread: Tricycler kit Mimic a Rear Discharge?

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    Tricycler kit Mimic a Rear Discharge?

    Well, maybe this is in the wrong forum..because my mower isn’t Gas... I've currently got a F935....
    One thing that I don’t particularly like with my yard configuration (bleepin trees and flower bushes all over) is with the side discharge Commercial 72” deck, EVEN with the Gator blades it makes a mess everywhere (the reason I went with the gator blades is the OEM blades create so much suction It was pulling rocks out of the ground…no joke)…on my wide open areas its fine, but I find that I end up windrowing the grass a lot and eventually I blast the clippings onto the mulched base of some tree…

    I purchased a Tri-cycler kit for it, but admittedly I haven’t put it on because I fear it won’t work…the reason I fear that is I remember reading either on some forum or in the instructions that it doesn’t work when the grass is long…

    Does anybody have and think the Tri-cycler works?

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    Dave, the TriCycler kit will work fine - if - you use it properly. (like most things!)

    It is a mulching kit, so it is not designed to let any grass clippings out of it - side or rear. The longer the grass, the thicker the grass and the wetter the grass is are all determing factors as to the quality of the mulch, ie no clumps. The slower the ground speed and the less grass you cut off at one time are all ways of dealing with longer, thicker, wetter grass when using a mulching kit. If you have looked at the blades included with the kit you will notice that they have a "wavy" curve in the middle area, this is the part of the blade that causes the cut grass to move downward onto the cutting blade, again and again until it is small enough to fall between the grass blades, thus not showing up on top of your lawn. The smaller this particle is when it lands, the quicker it will disintegrate which will help keep too much thatch from building up.

    So I guess, the short answer is "no" the TriCycler kit will not mimic a rear discharge deck. Unless, of course you cut a big hole in the back of the deck!!!

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