Wind towers
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Thread: Wind towers

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    Wind towers

    You may like them or hate them but how they are built is cool.
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    Thanks Jep. Did you see the follow up? I couldn't do it.

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    Wyoming has a ton of wind turbines. There's a place I pass a couple of hours up the interstate where they stretch literally as far as you can see out over the horizon. Heck, I can count nearly 20 of them way out over the ridge from my house when the weather is right. It's neat to see how they're made and serviced, and stunning to see one up close. They're truly massive.

    At first I wasn't sure if I'd like living in sight of them (even though it's 20 miles away), but it's kind of neat to see them off in the distance.i kind of like watching them sometimes.

    Your mileage may vary.

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    These are uncommon around here because of the mountains I guess. But when I visit my one doctor that is ~100 miles to the south there is a mountain range that has dozens of them along the top. I find them mesmerizing myself. The one road we take coming down out of the mountain brings you very close to the one on the end - amazing how huge they really are.
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    They put a few thousand up in Fowler,IN a few years ago.
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    Pretty darn cool, but, I think I'd insist on a short-line parachute hooked to my D-ring on the back of a full body safety harness. Looks like plenty of height to deploy a chute safely in the event of an OOPS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Berger View Post
    Pretty darn cool, but, I think I'd insist on a short-line parachute hooked to my D-ring on the back of a full body safety harness. Looks like plenty of height to deploy a chute safely in the event of an OOPS!
    I wouldn't have any of that stuff because I wouldn't do it. No way, no how , for no amount of money. I'll fly in most anything that flies but I will not do that. It's like surgery, don't like seeing it but once I start watching I can't stop watching and it gives me the jitters, but I have to watch it to the end. Makes no sense to me but that's the way I am.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 56FordGuy View Post
    It's neat to see how they're made and serviced, and stunning to see one up close. They're truly massive.
    There's one about an hour from here that you can get really close to. You can pull off the road and walk up to the fence underneath it, it really is an amazing thing to see.
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    My parents farm was in a potential wind farm area. They did quite a bit of research on them. Even visited another farmer with several windmills. The farmer told my folks, "Every swish a blade makes is a Nickel in the bank." My folks signed the contract actually knowing there wasn't much chance at getting their two windmills. The $500/ year lease checks came every year just like clockwork and cleared the bank. About twelve years later they got a letter, Notice of contract cancelation. No chance of any windmills now, but the $6000 is still in the bank!

    IMO, wind or even wave power is the only kind of renewable energy that makes sense. I'm not a fan of solar.
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    At the end of our community you can see 7 or 8 wind turbines . We've taken Gator rides to see them up close, the grandsons like to have a picnic while there. Guessing 5-6 miles from the house, they are big.

    We only have about 20 on Summit Mt. but in the Somerset, Pa and Oakland Md, Elkins Wv area have quite a few of them.

    As for working on the towers, I think I could , I climbed (with hooks) a 85' telephone pole 3 or 4 times within 30 min one day. First time going up wasn't to bad , at that time it was the highest I had ever had to use my climbers. The final time after completing my work just laid back in the body belt and enjoyed the view. Been on the top of WVU Mylan Puskar Press box several times getting eqpt setup for video feed for WVU football games. Guessing it is 200-250' or more to the top. Main level is 30-40' below the ribbon board and we had to go to the height of the top row of lights on top of press box.

    You could see for miles , Lots of times , camera crews will set at least one camera on top to show the mountain view and fall foliage.
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
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