Mine has varying power steering pressure. it also seems like the transmission might not have enough power. However i think a lot of this has to do with aeration or cavitation of the fluid, not sure which one it is. The fluid gets fully of air. I wanted to check the charge pressure but obviously without a fitting i cant prob. have to make one a some point and buy a new plug cause i have no idea what threads it is. Other thing is i just rebuilt the transmission a year ago. 2.5 years ago the reverse valve got stuck open and after people trying to go forward with it the trunnion broke. 2 years ago i dissembled it to see how bad it was and then over the coarse of the next year i gather new and used parts(I broke the charge pump housing from trying to take the input shaft from the clutch off before i took the charge put off... oops) And reassembled it a year ago. Put 40 hours on it since the rebuild and im not sure when it started with the problems as i dont really use it other people do. Not sure how the pump could be cavitating i changed the hydraulic filter yesterday and i highly doubt the suction screen is clogged. I also doubt if the relief valve is to week that it would have enough flow to drain faster than the pump can pump. If its aeration i have no idea where this could be coming from. Oh and yes i have a service manual and yes i am stumped. We just bought a 2038r to replace it. But since its worth basically nothing due to condition its in we kept it. so i would like to keep it running.

Any help would be great