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    Sun shade options

    I'm starting to think about sun shade options for my 2038r. It's early in the season but I'm already maintaining about the most amount of sun exposure that my face, neck and arms can handle (not all from tractor activities). The kicker is that I don't have much room above the ROPS when parking the tractor. Currently my ROPS gently touches the shed's garage door on entry/exit. I'm sure I could do something to get another inch of clearance, but that's about it. I also do a lot of work in the woods, were any type of canopy will be easily damaged with branches. So ideally whatever I get is easily removable.

    It would seem like an umbrella would fit most of these criteria, but I have been unable to find any pictures of how it mounts to the ROPS to see if I could make it work.

    John Deere Tractor Umbrella - TY25324

    Anybody here have pictures of the umbrella mounting, or have other suggestions?

    I do have a hat like this and a light long sleeve shirt that I typically wear in the summer while mowing, but that's not as good as something attached to the tractor. I wonder what the height of a 3044r with cab is? Sun shade and AC does sound appealing, but I really like the 2038r's operator station layout better than the current 3/4 series.
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    When I asked my dealer about that umbrella, he told me that it is a waste of money. I think if I end up with a canopy for my own 2038R, it might well be this one, which is both resistant to damage and easily removed when desirable:

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    pick up a used golf cart roof and rig it up to the top of your rops.
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