Generation II 2025r wheel spacer question
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Thread: Generation II 2025r wheel spacer question

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    Generation II 2025r wheel spacer question

    Just upgraded from a 2305 to a Gen II 2025r TLBM and I am looking at adding 1.5" wheel spacers as I have a couple of modest slopes to mow. Anyone have any experience with wheel spacers on a 2025r while using a backhoe?

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    Not while using a backhoe but I have 2 inch spacers on and use the 60D autoconnect deck. On a right hand slope with deck in full up position it barely spins the guide wheel. Donít know if this helps or not but I really think the spacers made a dramatic difference in stability. Or maybe Iím just getting much more comfortable with the tractor or a combination of the 2. I canít see how it would interfere with your backhoe at all but maybe someone with that setup will know better than me.

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