Another strange 2025r noise thread
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Thread: Another strange 2025r noise thread

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    Another strange 2025r noise thread

    Hi everybody...I'm wondering if the noise I'm hearing is normal..or something need to be tweaked? I openly admit that, there's a whole lot of various sounds coming from a hydrostatic deisel bare with me. I only noticed this while bucketing loads of gravel down my long gravel driveway while filling in holes. The sound is tough to describe, and I'm not sure I could even catch it on camera because the engine sound would likely drown it out. Anyway, maybe it's a "groan" sound? Sorta vibratory...seems to come from under the hood or the belly of the machine. It changes pitch as the machine and loader more specifically sort bounce while driving down the gravel drive. I know...not much to go on. I figured I'd ask here before bother my dealer with something that could be completely normal. I saw the other post about a steel hydro line needing to be rubber....maybe it's the same thing?

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    If I’m working mine hard and first take off or push the HST pedal down suddenly it will groan. More so going up a hill. Mine also will sort of whine off and on while it bounce, sort of a change in pitch. What you describe seems normal to me, my Kubota made the sample sounds.
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