JD790 front axle 'case' issues
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Thread: JD790 front axle 'case' issues

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    JD790 front axle 'case' issues

    referring to it as a 'case' since I can't find the name of the thing for the life of me after a couple hours searching google. (part 15 in the pic, mid-left. interestingly there is a bearing and female shaft-end not shown in the image that is causing my woes)
    so.. stripped out the edge of the planetary gear on the front right wheel (the big sucker closest to the wheel itself, not pictured in attached image) and the gears on the shaft (spline?) that drive it. unbolted all of (49) to fix. after this, went to re-insert said spline and the gear it used to insert to (as well as the bearing and washer) were turned sideways inside the 'case' (15) preventing full insertion. unbolted said case and began trying to move the gear so the shaft would fit properly, and after 20 minutes of no luck the goddamn bearing-axle-gear assembly (part 7 and 8 in the second pic added in the post edit) plugging up the big hole in the side of the case fell in! bear in mind this looks like something that's supposed to be pressure-fit, and all attempts to push it back up through have failed miserably. short of cutting the case in half with some thermite to get the thing out, I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do.
    Hell I can barely explain the issue.. pics tomorrow when I'm back at work. Figured I'd post now on the off-chance anyone can figger what I'm referring to or maybe someone's had the same issue.

    any assistance is of course much appreciated~
    -Sputnik Rimstell

    e\ referring to the part the front spindle assembly slides up into. the 'front axle and differential drive'?
    second image attached. parts 9, 10 and an unpictured bearing were turned sideways, 7 and 8 make up the part that 'fell in' to the 'case'
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails JD790 Front Axle 4WD.jpg   front axle and differential drive.png  
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    That sounds just frustrating. I don't have any great advice for you except the obvious one. Since it fell into the case, there's got to be one spot and one position where it will come out but finding that exact one spot may drive you up the wall. Sometimes I have to walk away from a situation like that before I take a hammer to the thing.

    Most likely, it's a matter of systematically trying each orientation of gear/bearing in the hole, rotating around 360 degrees and somewhere is just right but while that sounds easy, it tight quarters it might be a bear to do.

    Sorry it happened. You'll get it right but might wish for something easy, like winning the lottery before it's all done.

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