Why does my 2720 top link touch the frame when raised?
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Thread: Why does my 2720 top link touch the frame when raised?

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    Why does my 2720 top link touch the frame when raised?

    For some reason the top link on my 2720, when raised to the up position, makes contact with the holder bracket enough to bend it (see photo below). I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong as all I do is raise the TPH all the way up. I'm thinking of just removing the bracket as I have a hydraulic top link on order and I certainly don't want it contacting the bracket.

    Regardless of whether I have the stock top link lengthened or shortened, why would the geometry allow it to make contact with the frame?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Might as well take it off if you intend on putting the cylinder end of your hydraulic top link on that end.

    The lower draft links are longer than the top link. As the lower arms raise the top link raises faster and causes a rotation to the implement. The length of the top link and the vertical distance of the top link to lower link mounting of the implement will effect this. United states category 1 vertical dimension is 18 inches, category 2 is 19 inches, can't say about category 0 or 3 and then there are letters after some of them which I don't know what that means. I also have some suspicion that some foreign stuff might be different. You might check what category your tractor is and what category spacing of your implement is.

    That is minor, bending ot the top link is a little more common in my experience. I would say a post hole digger or implement that attaches like that, directly to the tractor top link spot would need more clearance.


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    This post refers to the issue on a 4720, but might be worth looking into on your machine as well. I'm not sure if the 2720 uses the same style of three point arm. Look at post #2, from Brian. Long story short, see if your lower three point arms are adjustable.


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