2720 Ran out of lifting power today
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Thread: 2720 Ran out of lifting power today

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    2720 Ran out of lifting power today

    Sorry... I couldn't resist. This seemed like a good sequel to my "Ran out of horsepower" thread.

    I put my 2720 to it's first real lifting test today. I'm repairing a small wall which meant a trip to Home Depot for some cement blocks. Since I now have the Artillian forks on my 200CX loader I've been making use of pallets whenever possible and today was another example. I had HD load me up a pallet of (21) 16x8x8 concrete blocks while I loaded up my own pallet of (22) 16x8x4 solid caps. Once everything was loaded on my small landscape trailer I topped the pallet off with (4) 80lb bags of Mason Mix - you know, so none of the blocks blew off.

    I got home and fired up the 2720. First to come off was the pallet with the (21) 16x8x8 blocks and (3) 80lb bags of mortar. The forklift operator had it pushed forward over my axle and I was able to lift the end of the block pallet to pull it to the rear of the trailer so I could get a full fork engagement. Once engaged I started to lift and it would only lift about 1-inch off the trailer deck. I was a little disappointed but 1-inch was enough to back up and lower the pallet to the ground. I then transferred the three bags of mortar to a separate pallet. Once I did that I was able to lift the blocks easily.

    Next off the trailer was the (22) 16x8x4 solid caps. Since they pushed this up to the front I had to drag it back with a chain to the rear edge of the trailer. I was then able to easily lift it off the trailer.

    Once everything was finished I was curious just what kind of weight I was dealing with. The first pallet with the blocks and three bags of mortar calculated out as 21 blocks @ 35lbs each + three bags of mortar @ 80 lbs each + 25 lbs for the pallet for a grand total of 1000 lbs. Granted I could only lift this about 24 inches off the ground. The pallet with the 22 solid caps at 25 lbs each + pallet came in at 570 lbs.

    All in all I am satisfied with what I was able to lift. Add another 229 lbs for the forks and 28 lbs for the back frame and that first pallet was 1257 lbs on the loader arms. To be fair, the load was a bit unbalanced. The pallet had 15 blocks on the first level and then the remaining 6 blocks were on the front edge (farthest away from me). That was 210 lbs 42-inches out on the front of the fork tines on top of the 550lbs. Had those blocks been at the rear of of the pallet it may have made it easier.

    During all the lifting the rear wheels never budged so the ballast box is definitely of adaquate weight.
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    My 2320 was out of lifting power the other day. I am one of the poor people who don't have the Artillian forks, but clamp on's from my broken Bobcat. The bobcat broke pretty much at a inconvenient place of my driveway, and I wanted to lift one end up and drag it to a better place. The Bobcat with bucket weights something between 3000 and 4000 lb. I tried to lift the thing at the rear side, but the weight plus the engine and all that steel made my 2320 just say "ooooooh I can't do this". I than tried the front end with the similar result, I decided to take the bucket of the Bobcat (it is an over sized bucket that must weight at last 300 to 400 lb). Once the bucket was off, I could lift the Bobcat and drag it around.

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    One thing you can be sure of, no matter how big your machine is there will always be something that you know is to heavy/big to lift-but your going to try anyway
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    I pulled a large spruce stump 24" diameter (the tree had gone over during Sandi) out of the ground with my 8B on Saturday for a neighbor. sorry no pictures. I went and got the fork for the 300CX and got under it and it wouldn't budge. Then we went at removing all the dirt and rocks from the roots. Once done I was able to lift it to about 40". I was still happy with what it could do.

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