Another trailer mover ...
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Thread: Another trailer mover ...

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    Another trailer mover ...

    Had some scrap ends of 12 gauge square tube (2" ID) left from the equipment shed install, so I thought I'd use a bit to build something. The tubing is what is used by Carolina Carports when you specify 12 gauge (rather than 14 gauge) for the framing of a metal building.

    Since the tube internal dimension accommodates a class III ball mount, I decided to make a 3pt trailer mover. (This is my first significant attempt at stick welding, using an old Lincoln AC-225 I picked up a while back) Materials consisted of 4 pieces of tube, cut to length, 2 short pieces of 1/4" flat I found a while back, plus a couple of cat 1 lift arm pins.

    Had to relieve the back side of the tube to accommodate the top link end profile.

    Gave it a first try out on the 1025R moving this around (load of rock salvaged from an old fish pond water feature) to get it out of the driveway until we have a place to unload it. So far so good.

    A lot easier to maneuver this with the 1025R than a crew-cab F-150 ...


    (could have rotated the pics, but thought they were more screen friendly in landscape orientation...)
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    Should work just fine for a long time.
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    Great job. Time and material well spent.
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