Which Tire ? R-1, R-2, R-3 or R-4 ?
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Thread: Which Tire ? R-1, R-2, R-3 or R-4 ?

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    Which Tire ? R-1, R-2, R-3 or R-4 ?


    What is the best tread type for your tractor? It depends on how you use your tractor.

    R-1 Regular Ag lug for general farming on most North American soils.

    R-1W Deeper tread for wet or moist soils. (25% deeper than R-1 but not as deep as R-2)

    R-2 Rice & Cane – Extra deep tread (twice the depth as R-1) for wet muck, rice & cane farming.

    R-3 Turf tread for mowing, golf courses, etc.

    R-4 Industrial lug for backhoe tractors. Wider lugs for longer wear on hard surfaces.

    When compact tractors come with R-1 Ag tires, they have one size tires & wheels. With R-3 turf tires, they have a different size set of tires and wheels. With R-4 industrial tires, they have a 3rd size set of tires & wheels.

    Choose the tread type for the job you use the tractor 80%-90% of the time. Example, if you have a compact tractor with a loader and backhoe, you will want R-4 tires unless you are a landscaper. Then you may want R-3 so that you don’t tear up the turf.

    It is cheaper to buy a tractor with the type of tires you need rather than switching afterward.

    If you have a tractor that you need to change tread types, call us at 800-621-1955.

    We can help you,
    Ed Miller
    m. e. MILLER tire

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    Recomendation for air pressure

    I volunteer my time and my 2014 JD2025R to perform trail maintenance in the nearby USFS on ATV trails.
    Rocks and roots make for a hard ride. I have substituted Firestone air bladders for the hard rubber bumpers under the seat.
    I dropped the tire pressure from the dealer's default 30 psi to ten. I don't carry heavy attachments on the three point hitch.
    What's the lowest pressure you recommend. I am looking for the largest softest footprint that won't spin the wheel in the tire or roll the tire's bead off the rim.
    Would bead adhesive help?
    See attached PDF so you can have an idea what I'm doing.
    Thanks, John Hesslink
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