New 1023e?? Greetings from Maine
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Thread: New 1023e?? Greetings from Maine

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    Talking New 1023e?? Greetings from Maine

    Howdy y'all! (Looooong first post...apologies up front)

    So, the wife and I just ordered a 2018 1023E with front blower implement. This will be our first "tractor".

    Currently have a 2008 White/MTD Super 5400 that works GREAT (when it works and I'm not changing out belts...or bolts....or welding plates or swearing at it for hours on end)

    We just recently relocated back to Maine and have a nice little 17 acre spread. 15 of those acres are ridgeline woods with a fairly decent incline. You definitely work up a sweat climbing the back 9 of the property, even in these friggin -20 temps.

    The driveway is a shade under a 1/4 mile long and has a good 10-15 degree slope up near the top. We've been using the ATV and plow for the majority of the snow removal as of late. This combo is pretty sweet and fast, but alas, the banks on the sides are winning the battle. I've been using the 40" blower on the little lawn tractor and it works a treat....when it works. Have the wheel weights and chains and about 200lbs of sand bucket/ballast for traction. Goes down the hill like a champ! Doesn't make it back up though, unless my wife gives me a little push with the ATV.

    Burned through 2 belts in the last 2 weeks, changed out countless "shear" pins and have had to re-attach the same damn pulley 3 times (today will make it 4 if I want to clear the rest of the banks and toss them into the woods)


    Yesterday we hit up Hammond Tractor out there in Auburn and picked up a brand new 1023E.

    Seems pretty straight forward, and am excitedly awaiting delivery. My wife will get to play with it this season--I won't due to a trip, but I'm looking forward to the spring!

    We opted for the 1023 over the 1025. 1hp didn't seem to be a deal breaker....nor did a 3hp difference on the PTO. Also, this is a tool and I didn't want all the "extra" bells n whistles in the cabin (and for the cost!!!). I like to keep things simple...less **** you have, the less **** to break.

    Will be ordering a 3pt quick hitch adapter this spring, to attach a grader for the driveway...and maybe a bucket in the future to help clear out some of those woods so I can have a place to process firewood.

    I've read a lot of reviews on the 1-Series...but most seem to be on older models. Looks like the new models addressed quite a few of the "shortcomings" in the recent past.

    Looking forward to seeing what folks out here are doing in terms of add-ons, mods, etc etc. I already have a couple of LED cubes that were never installed on my truck, so those will be going to use on the tractor.

    Thanks for the invite to the forums...can't wait to see what great info is around.

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    We'd sure love to see your new tractor. How 'bout posting some pics?
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    Welcome to GTT BirdDog0. Congratulations with your new tractor and good luck with it.
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    Welcome...northern maine here myself

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    Welcome from Preston County, West Virginia

    Hope you didn't forget chains, and don't forget to keep at least 2 baby fuel filters on hand year around. Never hurts to have a spare.

    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    Great folks at Hammond. That’s where I get mine serviced. Welcome from Litchfield, ME.

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