Help - I think I'm becoming a loyalist
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Thread: Help - I think I'm becoming a loyalist

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    Help - I think I'm becoming a loyalist

    New member here and I think I need help - unfortunately I probably came to the wrong forum.

    Just bought a 2025R TLB - decided to simplify things down at the hobby property (former family farm) and get rid of some old equipment and just get 1 nice tractor.

    So this will be Deere purchase number 3 for me within the past 3 years - I think that qualifies me as a "brand loyalist" - something I have resisted being all my life. We all know that person, the one who swears "x" brand is better than anything out there consistently, no matter what they make - Deere is better than Kubota, Iphone is better than Galaxy, Chevy is better than Ford/Dodge, Gibson is better than Fender...and I NEVER take that mindset. Right product/right person/right situation.

    Started out with a X370 - really nice mower, handles my lawn beautifully - I wanted a mower that would last, not another MTD produced big box unit that craps out every 5-7 years. So that got me started on a good relationship with the dealer and Deere. So one day I decided I "needed" a Gator - didn't set out dead set on Deere or new, but shopping quickly found used was either worn out or priced near the cost new. One call to my dealer and I wound up getting a great deal on a 590i as they were transitioning to the new models. So when it came time for a new tractor - you know where my first call was.

    Issue was my regular dealer this time WASN'T the best deal. Guess they don't focus much more tractors - more on the lawn side of things, and pricing was not that competitive. So called multiple dealers, both green, orange and other colors of the rainbow. Sad part was, of the approximately 10 dealers I contacted - 3 actually bothered to respond. One each Deere, Kubota and Massey - and the Kubota (who I tried 4 different) dealer who responded is a large dealer with a big presence online - none of my locals could even send an email saying stop in, we don't discuss pricing over the internet. Of the 3 though - Deere got my business because of a. local support is a value added proposition to me - price/quality being equal to me on Deere/Kubota and while MF is a great brand - if something happens to the local dealer or their franchise - i'm calling 200+ miles for the next closest dealer/service - with Deere, its doubtful I'll ever be more than 40 miles away. Just way too many Deere dealers and product out there to ever worry about support for a product.

    So now that I'm on unit #3 - I think I am officially a brand loyalist. Weird space for me to be personally - but seems I am in good company. Still have alot to learn and a few mods to make I am sure. Also odd to me being "that guy" who buys new. Dad/Granddad were "buy used always" types, who felt buying new was paying a premium - of course markets change and it seems clean/low hour used commands almost as much as new these days. As tempting as going used was - the knowledge if there is ever a problem with new I can call the dealer and get it fixed/replaced quickly is too valuable. For me, time is limited - and downtime is not an appealing option, even though I am not a pro counting on my machines - I want them to be available when I am.

    Also glad I found this forum AFTER I settled for a 2025 - originally thought about going with a 1023, as budget expanded I felt the 1025 made more sense...doing more research I saw the value of a 2025....after finding this place I probably would have felt the need for a 2038 or 3 series. Sometimes you always "think" you need the next step up.
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    Welcome! And we're glad you're here!!

    Nothing wrong with being a "brand loyalist" - as long as it's for the right reasons. I think you listed a lot of those reasons with regards to dealer support and accessibility. A lot of us are "green" for the same reasons.

    What part of the country are you from? (Hint - put your location in your profile ) What sort of attachments did you get for your tractor?
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    We’d love to see your Deere as well!
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    welcome aboard
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    from the Mitten.
    Thanks Bob
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    Welcome, looks like you might have your sh.. together

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    "She thinks my tractors sexy" wasn't written about an orange tractor.

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    Greg from western pa

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    Welcome from northeastern Pennsylvania.

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    Welcome from New York.

    Nothing wrong with having 3 machines from the same manufacturer. Sounds like you buy smart, and they happen to be green. If you're worried about what others may think (which it sure sounds like you don't), just paint one of your green machines orange, and a second one blue (or any other color for that matter), and now one will be the wiser.

    About buying new or used ... my father was a wise man (as most everyone's father is), always told me to buy new. He said "why buy someone else's problem". I like new, but buy both used and new, depends on the price, and condition, and my budget. Buy what you can afford, what you want, what you need or just what you like, if it doesn't work out, sell or trade it. I'll never judge you

    Just my 2 cents, and welcome.
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