NW Oregun Hello and new 2025R
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Thread: NW Oregun Hello and new 2025R

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    NW Oregun Hello and new 2025R

    Hi all, new member to the forum and new 2025R tractor owner. This is my first new tractor. Before this tractor I had a 8N ford with no attachments or implements that I used to move trailers around. I needed much more versatility. Funny story, when tractor shopping I was dead set that I did not need the front loader and the salesman was insistent that I get that over any other attachments. I decided to take his advice and added the front loader and a belly mower as well as a box scraper and field mower plus the Imatch quick hitch. I use that loader more than anything! I am so glad I was talked in to that! I use it nearly everyday. What did I do before? I have no idea. It took me a while to settle in and learn how everything works and how to set everything up for best performance but I'm there now and quite comfortable with it.

    This week I designed and built a rifle shooting / sight in bench that I can back up to and pick up via the quick hitch and take it wherever I want to set up, could be a little plinking or an afternoon of varmint hunting. Plus being connected the three point I can level and stabilize nicely, or I can set it down and come back for it later. It is so dang neat to be able to integrate the tractor to do the heavy lifting, plus I can use the front bucket to carry some supplies like a cooler of drinks for the day. This may sound corny but I don't care I'm having fun!

    Today I got the bright idea to work a field that has never been farmed. I am not a farmer and I know nothing. I have a 10 acre area that is orchard grass and fern, I have mowed it but that is as far as I know to go. I want to plant it with something, hops I am thinking but I don't know what implement to use to make the ground loose and fluffy for planting. Is there an implement to do this that a 2025R can handle? This is what has led me to the forum, I am seeking information.

    All the best!
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    Welcome from MN

    You might like a roto-tiller for that project- I sure love mine
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    Second vote for a tiller.

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    Welcome from Preston County, West Virginia


    Have fun and be safe !!!
    USAR 8yr 8 mo SSG 99th ARCOM
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    We have a Red Honda Pioneer 700-4 (4 seater) w/soft top , doors, and winch.

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    Welcome from New York!
    - Phil -
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    - Jason

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    from the Mitten
    Thanks Bob
    Fire trucks are Red/Tractors are Green

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    Welcome from New York.

    2011 1026R/R4's -- H120 FEL/49" -- 260 BH/12" -- Bro-Tek Ripper -- Artillian Forks/42" -- 244 lbs JD Rear Wheel Weights -- KBOH Hooks and Clevis' --
    Block heater -- 180* T-stat -- Evans HP Waterless Coolant

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    Welcome and What part of Oregon??

    Theres a few of us here...I'm West of Portland..30 mi.

    JD 955 ,70A loader, 60" mmm , Original I-match ,4' woods B hog , 5' Box blade , 12' orchard plane/driveway grader ,various other doo-dads & homebuilt implements. Goossen BFBlower, JakeRake..this thing is different.
    Kubota U-15
    Kubota RTV 900

    47 8n......good times..V8 in my future possibly

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