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    New member - Northern Minnesota member here..just bought a 1023E the other day. I have a few other John Deere machines, but I'm new to the concept of sub-compact tractors. Looks like a busy segment of the industry. I don't need much...a 2.5 acre yard rehabilitation project and brush management is my main focus, as well as the other numerous seasonal chores inherent to living on a Minnesota lake, but I frequently find myself trying to use my trusty old 277 lawn tractor for far more than it's designed, and there are more and more times these days when that little lawn machine just isn't up to the task. I began finding myself thinking more and more frequently that a lot of my life would be easier if I had pallet forks and front/rear implement-mounted 2" receiver hitches, and a front end loader so that I could stop renting one every weekend on either a big tractor with big lawn-chewing tires, or a Bobcat.

    I tried to be a smart shopper. In this part of vacation-land Minnesota, I have Kubota, New Holland, Mahindra, and John Deere dealers all within about 10 miles of my house. The John Deere dealer is just down the road, and I was biased in that direction because they have been a truly excellent dealer for me over the 30 years I've been buying yard machines from them. Even so, I was looking pretty hard at Kubota and was getting swayed by several of the YouTube videos comparing the various tractors in the SCUT category. John Deere sub compact tractors largely get spanked by Kubota in most of those videos so I was leaning pretty heavily in that direction. When I actually looked at the tractors...I found that many of the Kubota advantages weren't relevant, or were completely untrue. Even so...I was on the fence because of the significant difference in price until the dealer, whom I've known for many years, agreed to knocked more than $3200 off the price on a 1023E with FEL. I wrestled with the decision between the 1023E and the 1025R, but in the end, for my 2.5 acre needs, decided that the upgraded features on the 2019 model of the 1023E made the practical difference relative to my need perfectly suitable. It helped that transporting the tractor back to the dealer for whatever reason is just a few mile jaunt, and he'll provide me with a trailer whenever I need it in the even that he doesn't have time to come pick it up (none of my current trailers will fit the 1023E).

    So now, I'm in the process of wading through implement needs. Looks like I need pallet fork with a loader frame that has a 2" receiver. Titan vs Artillian vs John Deere. I needed the built-in receiver hitch. The reviews on the Titan setup were very positive, and they were substantially cheaper so I just got done clicking the "order button on Amazon (for some reason, the 42 inch forks were about $50 cheaper on Amazon than on Titan's website). I bought a JD 3-pt mounted 2" receiver, and opted for the iMatch frame because I'll be moving a lot of dirt and big logs, and need ballast, I was torn on the ballast bucket and in the end opted to try the Titan BB, at least in part because of the tool tubes, and the built in receiver.

    So now, I'm just waiting for the rain to stop and yard to dry up, for the pallet forks to be delivered, for my son to drop off the 10 yards of black dirt that I ordered, and for my dock/lift guy to get the docks in the water and I can start moving the boats around.

    Not knowing much about it this level of heavy equipment...I'm kind of surprised at the level of sophistication that this tractor demonstrates. I don't know much about diesel, but my son is a diesel mechanic for a regional landscape company so I have a lot of advice close by.

    Nice place you have here....I have no doubt that like most specialty forums, you guys will be really helpful to me, and I appreciate it.
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    Nice introductory post!

    And congrats on your new
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    Welcome from the Smoky Mountains!
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    Welcome, MacCool! Lots of valuable information here.
    Wishing you Good Luck with your phrase "waiting for the rain to stop and yard to dry up"

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    If you can't fix it with a might have an electrical problem..

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    Welcome to Intermission.

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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome from New York!
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