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    Kioti DK45SE HST Tractor

    I have a JD 3520 and an old Ford 1520. One is for use at home (JD) and the other is used up north (Ford) working in the woods. I would like to replace the Ford but cannot afford another JD 3520. I am looking for something slightly bigger and more powerful than my Ford. I also need to get away from the Ford forward/reverse pedal. I cannot operate it safely with my bad right foot.

    I saw a Kioti DK45SE HST for sale. It is listed for 13,900 but no loaded. I am not familiar with the line but I liked some of the features I saw on the website. Any input you can offer about this make and model would be appresiated.

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    HM, the Kioti tractors are made in Korea and have a good following and history here in the US. They where even sold under the Bobcat name until very recently. You better price a loader before making any decisions, that could cost your another $3,500.

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    I would not touch a Kioti with a 10 foot pole, but they seem like a fair tractor when they work. Seems they're built by Daedong, an import manufacturer that also built some machines under the Bobcat name. I know Daedong and Bobcat parted ways, not sure about Kioti.

    I was offered a very, very good deal on a Kioti before I bought my 5320. Less than half the price, actually. I did a lot of research both on the tractor itself and the brand. I would recommend you find out where your nearest Kioti dealer is, and what parts they actually stock. What I found said parts availability was spotty at best, even if you had a local dealer the manufacturer simply didn't stock a lot of parts that the dealers could get. Older tractors (10 years or so) were simply not supported anymore, so when they broke you better hope you could modify an off the shelf part to fit. Even new tractors, parts had to ship from overseas and could take weeks if not months to arrive.

    Every tractor will break down. It's a matter of time. My JD 5320 has had a few problems, my old IH, the neighbor's 5520, the TN75, they all break down. They're machines. But when our Deeres break, I can drive 30 minutes into town and get the part needed to fix it (even my 2001 model, or the 70's era 4420) about 90% of the time. If it's not in stock at the dealer, they can have it pretty quick; the next day, if I need it badly enough to pay the freight on it.

    I can't personally tell you whether or not the Kioti is a good tractor. I found lots of good reviews, and lots of bad ones. Seems the bad ones were really bad. Frames cracking, engines failing, improperly assembled parts from the factory. What scared me away was the fact that all the customer service reviews were negative. There are threads on other websites, sites devoted to Kioti, about "How to get around all the roadblocks and red tape to make Kioti stand behind their product." Sorry, that's not for me. I expect to have a machine for decades, with some repairs along the way. Kioti didn't give me the warm fuzzy feeling that repair parts would even be available for new model machines, much less the older ones. That was enough to turn me off to them.

    Your mileage may vary.

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    I was considering a Kioti before I bought my 1026. It seemed like good value but the operator area was very small for me and it had one those rocker type foot pedals that I don't like so I didn't research too much. I just drove over to the Deere dealer and bought the Deere.

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