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Thread: Rural King RK24

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    Quote Originally Posted by tennsawdust View Post
    Why would you need to pull the lift arms off? I've never found a reason to do that. It isn't necessary to mount the backhoe or MMM.
    I take mine off and leave them off unless needed. Less chance to damage something, not in the rain or whatever, grease and lube lasts longer. I'm a "mostly mowing" kinda guy.

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    So I looked at a lot of tractors before buying my 3025E. The biggest thing that sold me was the hydrostatic trans. Play with a clutch while loading gravel for a hour or try pulling up on a trailer slow and careful and you will love the hydro. The paint doesn’t hold up on the orange tractors well and with the Deere all the composite parts hold up better and don’t rust. I use my tractor a lot and it’s nice that it will still look good with no rusted out holes in the fenders. Price wise they are all very close. If you want a good deal find a Deere a year old at the dealer and you will get it cheap. I got mine almost 5k off and it still has the 6 year warranty. U can’t tell it’s not a 2019 it looks the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tennsawdust View Post
    Why would you need to pull the lift arms off? I've never found a reason to do that. It isn't necessary to mount the backhoe or MMM.
    With a 1 series you can flip the 3pt arms end for end. One way give you less lift capacity but the arms will go almost down to the ground. The other way the arms stop about 3-4" shy of the ground, but lift higher and the 3pt will lift more. For doing heavy loader work I switch the arms so that the 3pt can have 16 weights and still lift it. For using my drop spreader I have to have them flipped so the arms go as low as possible so the spreader is level when using it.
    1025R w\ block heater and one rear work light
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    Imatch Quick Hitch
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    Heavy Hitch weight bracket & sub soiler combo
    CMP Attachments 60" HD front dethatcher
    Garber 72" 3pt mount drop spreader
    Countyline 3pt PHD with 9" diameter auger

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    I would like to take a look for myself at one of these RK tractors but there isn't a store close to me. Badboy mowers went/goes through kind of the same thing as RK, many called them junk, cheap not good even without seeing one or testing one. I only watch a very few of the Morgan's videos, yeah he's going to point mostly the good stuff..just about everyone does it on youtube. Anyway to each his/her own

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