Not sure model of Case tractor
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Thread: Not sure model of Case tractor

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    Not sure model of Case tractor

    Well I would post pics but the tractor is not in my possession or anywhere close. My grandfather gave my aunt what she believes to be a 1957 Case 430 but in my research to find the weight it doesn't look like they made the 430 until 1958. I just wanted a few specs to see how big a trailer I would need to get it. She no longer has property to use it and it's sitting in a 1/4 acer back yard wasting away.

    I did a Google search but figured someone here might have more accurate information than the internet anyway. If there are any Case followers that might point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.
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    That is tough without more information. See if you can get a SN or verify the model number.

    This says they weren't made until 1960. J.I. Case 430 tractor information

    Might have said 57 but meant 67. Who knows.
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    Case made a series of utility tractors that were used as the base for all types of special construction tractors, tractor/loader/backhoes, off-road form lifts, trenchers. The BTO I worked for had me haul manure from his cattle yards every time we were between field work jobs. He had a Case 420 loader tractor that was a very heavy duty unit. It had a shuttle shift, a reverse gear about 20% faster than each forward gear. TractorData shows the 430 had a bare shipping weight of 3125#, but a front end loader and required rear counterweight would add considerably to that weight.

    I agree with sinister, little more information would be nice. A 7000# car trailer may be enough trailer to haul a 430, but with a large counterweight a 10,000# capacity might be better.

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    The case 30 series was produced if I remember right was from 1960-1969 after that the 70 series and befor 1960 they were a 100 series. 400,500 and so on. Chances are you will not find a serial number as Case put the serial number tag on the right side fuel tank skirt . Most times this piece of sheet metal was removed and over time lost. You wil quite lucky if this skirt is still attached . I have a 1960 model 541 530. That this skirt is still attached. There where 2 styles of 530's first ones had an Eagle hitch the later models had a Draft O Matic 3 point hitch. The 2 models are very easy to differentiate by this.
    They also came with a wet clutch "Case O Matic" or a dry clutch. 4 speed transmission with either a dual range drive or a triple range drive. Also the later models had a live PTO, early models did not. All case 30 series had a square front end . Pic would help of front and back .
    Just to add the 430 and 530 are alike except for H.P.
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